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East Indian Food and Cooking

If you want to experience the hottest mix of non-vegetarian and vegetarian Indian recipes, then the best place to go to is the East India. Because of the diversity in culture, language, and its geographical location, the Indian food recipes in the eastern part of this country are more unique as well as unsurpassable compared to the other regions of India.

The people who are living at the West Bengal usually opt for fish and rice. Aside from that, they also love eating the sweet delicacies of the East Indian food as well. Their Indian cooking plays a big role in influencing not only this side of India but also the whole Indian cuisine in general. The same fetish for rice and fish are shared by those who are living in the Orissa since the West Bengal and the area shares a long coastline. As a result, they share not only the same variety of seafood but the Indian cooking recipes at the same time.

On the other hand, the people living in Jharkhand and Bihar usually have vegetables as part of their main menu. This is probably because the said areas in East India have lush vegetations hence abundant in variety. Aside from that, Buddhism is also apparent in both Bihar and Jharkhand, another reason why most of the population are vegetarians.

But although the said areas of the East India have diverse Indian cuisines, they all still have one thing in common. Most of their Indian cooking recipes use different kinds of seeds in creating their tempting dishes. Also known as the Panch Phoran, the various seeds used in the mixture includes mustard, aniseed, fenugreek seed, black cumin seeds, and regular cumin seeds.

On the other hand, the area of Sikkim has quite a different cuisine when compared to the other states in East India. Most of the Indian recipes here are already influenced by its neighboring countries like Tibet. One of the most popular Indian food recipes here in Sikkim is the Momos, which is widely eaten all over India as well.

Part of the Indian cuisine here in East India is the desserts. Some of most popular sweets in this part of the country include the chumchum, the rasagolla, the rasabali, kheeri, and more. Most of these desserts are now served in the North India as well. Aside from these delectable desserts, East Indian cooking is also prevalent with posta or the poppy seeds.

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