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Indian Cooking Utensils

Working with the right materials would yield to a right and successful work. This saying is also true in cooking. This means that when you have the right cooking utensils, you’ll most probably end up with a nice and delectable food. This goes for all cuisines, including the Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine has been known around the world because of its exceptional flavor. That’s why, people around the world, not necessarily from India, are becoming fond of knowing how to cook Indian recipe. But before doing so, you should bear in mind that you must first have the weapons to win the battle, that is, the correct Indian cooking utensils.   

In general, there is not much to worry about. Basic cooking utensils go the same with Indian cooking. And what would be listed below are some of the basic utensils used in everyday Indian cooking.

Degchi -  This utensil is a round and deep pan. It is used for cooking rice puddings or kheer, daals, soup and other foods with liquid on it.

Haandi - Just like the degchi, this utensil is also a round pan. However, its more shallow and has a wider mouth. It is used for cooking meat and pilafs. Traditionally, people in India use it by covering the pan with plate and sealing it with dough.

Ghara or Kalash - This utensil is a vessel used for storing water, as well as grains. It has a round and broad bottom.

Lota - Lota is similar to kalash, only smaller in size. It is used not for storing but for drinking and washing of hands.

Karchi - This utensil is a ladle used for curries, gravies, as well as lentils. It is used for scooping and cooking liquids and sauces.

Palta or Khunti - Palta is a spatula like utensil used for frying meat, as well as vegetables and fish. It makes turning over of food easier. It usually has a triangular or rectangular headpiece.

Bonti - Bonti is a utensil which is crescent shaped. It is used for peeling, chopping and slicing of foods and is good to have when making fillet and cooking prawns.

Thalis and Katoris - Thalis are Indian plates and Katoris are bowls. They are used in serving food and are usually made of silver, brass or clay depending on the societal level.

Food processor - The food processor needed in Indian cooking would be the one that has grinders suited for wet and dry spices. This is because Indian are known best for their various spices put on food.

Large work - This utensil, commonly known as karahi, is like the ordinary work although it is heavier. It is made from wooden materials and is best in serving various Indian dishes.

Unlike what most people believe, Indian cooking is simple and easy that most of the utensils you’ll be needing are already at your hands. And so to add up with our list are the famous mortar and pestle, chopping board, sharp knives, grater, mixing bowls, rolling pin, colander, heavy bottomed pots, pressure cooker, steamer, metal whisk, tongs, cooking spoons and slotted spoons.

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