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Popular Indian Festival Food and Cuisine

In India, as well as in other countries, various foods are prepared for particular festivals. Usually, these foods are those which are not so common to everyday Indian cuisine. There are particular foods served for particular occasions and to what are they, it would be discussed further below.

Christmas season - During the Christmas season, Indian cuisines that are served are kal kals, merry Christmas balls, dressed turkey, mushroom gratin, as well as potato dumplings, turkey biryani and turkey fry.

Diwali Festival - Diwali is the festival of light. It is one of the most famous hindu festivals in India. This festival is done for the goddess Kali and Lakshimi. Foods that are served here are Naan Khatai, Chikki, kara boondhi, phirni as well as mithai khaja, mullu murukku, omapodi, sevai kheer, sesame diyas, ghevar, lapse, spicy khaja, balushahi and misri roti.

Easter Festival - During Easter, the Indian recipes prepared are easter egg sandwiches, rabbit cake, bunny cookies, as well as easter ham, easter egg salad and coconut nests.

Ganesha Festival - From the name itself, this festival is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha. The Indian food recipes served in this festival are moong dal halwa, moong dal ka halwa, karanji, as well as rava laddoo, ellu kozhakattai, modak and puran poli.

Karva Chaunth Festival - This festival is more of a fast than a festival. This fast is dedicated for the long life of husbands and is a time for married woman to mingle with their husband’s family. Indian cuisine served here are chandrakala, batatyachi kachori and parwal sweet.

Krishna Jayanti Festival - This is dedicated to the birth of Sri Krishna. It happens along august to September of the calendar. Foods served here are vella seedai, seedai, peda, as well as aloo chaat, shrikhand, kalakand, gopalkala and doodhachi kheer.

Navaratri Festival - This is considered as one of the most important festivals in India. People, during this time, Indians eat only one meal and it is on sunset. Foods served here are stuffed puri, aloo methi, vrat ke chawal, navratri raita, deep fried baby potatoes and khuskhus aloo.

Onam Festival - This is another important festival in India and is the national festival of the place of Kerala. It is also considered as a harvest festival. Because it is a national festival, it is celebrated by all religions in India. Indian recipes served here are olan, kalan, sweet chutney, payar thoran, beans thoran, coconut milk rasam, soinach thoran, ilayada, as well as tomato rasam, moru curry, theeval, pesarattu, kootu curry, dry fruit kesari, rice puttum mysore pak, pal payasam, cucumber padachi and erissery.

Pongal Festival - For this festival, the foods served are raya pongal, chakara pongal, sweet pongal and venn pongal.

Indian festivals are important for people that is why the food should also be appropriate. And so, to be able to grasp the festival fully, one must bear in mind that preparing the right foods and preparing from the heart is important.

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