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North Indian Food and Cooking

Those who are not much into Asian cuisine would realize that it is an Indian food that they are eating if they have tasted something spicy on the cuisine. But even though Indian recipes are filled with strong exotic spices and aroma, North Indian cuisine have its distinctive characteristics that separate it from its neighboring Indian areas.

More often than not, the North Indian food is usually served with thick and tasty gravy. Although there are still some chillies that are included in the recipes, it often uses dairy products including paneer, milk, butter, cottage cheese, as well as yogurt. Their gravies are also based from the said ingredients as well. Moreover, North Indian cooking recipes are often served with nuts and sometimes saffron.

North Indian cooking uses several tools that make it even more tasteful. One of which is the griddle or what they call the Tawa. The Tawa is used for baking Indian flat breads including paratha as well as roti. Another tool that is used in creating North Indian food recipes is the Tandoor. It is a huge and a cylindrical oven that can be used over a firing coal. In the Tandoor, breads such as the famous kulcha and naan are baked. In the same cooking tool, people in North India also cook their popular main course called the tandoori chicken.

Rather than eating their foods with rice, North Indian cuisines are usually eaten with bread. Aside from the baked breads that they have, there are also breads that are fried in deep oil before being served. This includes the bhatoora and the puri.

As for their main menus, the North Indian food recipes usually have lamb as well as goat as their main ingredients.

One may also have a taste of the most favored Indian snack in the northern part of the country. The samosa or the stuffed pastry is a common snack among Asians particularly in North India. Some of the ingredients that are stuffed in the samosa are onions, potatoes, coriander, and peas. Sometimes, there are also minced cheese, meat, and chick pea.

There are also sweet desserts that are served in the northern part of the India as well. Some of the most eaten sweets in North India includes the gulab jamun, petha (made from white pumpkin or winter melon), singori, falooda (a beverage), ras malai, khaja, peda, gajak, and halwa.

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