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South Indian Food and Cooking

The southern part of India is composed of four different states. This includes Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. Each state has something different to offer especially when people talk about the Indian recipes that they have. Compared o the Indian food that are served on the northern part of India, the South Indian foods do not use much garam masala as well as dried spices. However, the South Indian cooking still uses turmeric, cardamom, and black pepper.

Although the South Indian cuisine varies from one state to another, it still has some similarities including the use of rice as its staple food. Aside from that, all four South Indian states are also using mild spices, lentils, coconuts, vegetables, as well as local Indian fruits in their recipes.

The Indian cooking in Tamil Nadu caters for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. For those who are into vegetables, they have a wide variety of choices such as uncooked vegetables mixed with yogurt or the thayir pachidi, the vegetable soup or the kootu, and the fritters soaked in yogurt called the thayir vadai. As for the foods for the non-vegetarians, two of the most served foods are the chettinad pepper chicken and the karuvadu kozhumu. The latter was made from dried preserved fish that tastes like curry.

On the other hand, the foods from Andhra Pradesh are considered as the spiciest in the South Indian recipes. In this part of southern India, the Indian cooking recipes usually use generous amount of chilli powder, tamarind, and oil. Some of the most famous served here in Andhra Pradesh are fish stew or cheap pulusu, chicken gravy or kodi pulusu, and their infamous chicken fry or the kodi iguru.

Meanwhile, the Indian cuisine in Kerala is the most diverse of all. There are Hindus living in this region hence most of their cuisines are mostly for vegetarians. However, there are also Muslim as well as Christian community in the Kerala that is why there are also non-vegetarian foods served too. Aside from using meat, seafood is prevalent among the cuisines here in Kerala. Moreover, the cuisines are also using coconut as well.

But if you want a mild Indian food, then you must try the foods in Karnataka. The foods are not using much of the chilli powder but sugar instead. Aside from that, most of the foods served here in Karnataka are for vegetarians including Bisi bele bath and ragi rotti.

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