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West Indian Food and Cooking

The culinary traditions that are seen in the West Indian recipes were mostly molded by their culture that was built thousands of years ago. However, the Indian food recipes in this part of the country, there are also other influences when it comes to Indian food such as the conquerors, settlers, and colonists who made their way to the shores of India. As a result, there are several areas in West India where there are distinct Indian cooking such as the Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Aside from that, the geographical location of the western part of India also plays a major influence in the development of Indian cooking recipes as well.

Most of the Indian cuisines in West India are best served with rice. However, on Gujarat, wheat and grains are the fundamental parts of their Indian recipes. Rather than serving rice, they have roti, naan, and other breads instead. Moreover, a form of Hinduism known as Jainism has a huge influence in the Indian food recipes of Gujarat. That is why most of their main meals are vegetarian cuisines.

Compared to the other areas in India, the West India’s cuisines are not using generous amount of strong spices. Instead or overpowering the foods, their Indian cooking recipes are using seasonings only to enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients. Aside from that, their seasonings encourage a great flavor blending of the vegetables without losing its unique distinct flavors. West Indian cooking also does not overcook its cuisines. And when serving the dishes, it is very important for them to have a well textured food filled with color and style. This is essential especially to the Indian cooking in Gujarati as they value to produce cuisines that maintain the freshness of the spices and the ingredients.

On the other hand, the Indian recipes that can be found in Maharashtra are considered to be the most varied in the country. They have Indian cuisines for the vegetarians as well as complicated delicacies that were made from different kinds of seafood that can be found in the region. Rice is also fundamental in their Indian food recipes as well. But compared to the Indian cooking found in other parts of West India, the cuisines here in Maharashtra do not use much oil even when frying.

And instead of using ghee, which is prevalent in India, West Indian recipes use peanut oil in small amounts. As a result, there is not much visible oil in their Indian food, which is great for those who are food enthusiasts and health conscious at the same time.

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