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Glossary of Cooking Terms

Curd - Semi-solid part of milk, produces by souring

Deep-frying - Frying food by immersing it in hot fat or oil

Dice - Cut into small cubes

Dressing - 1. Sauce for salad 2. Stuffing for meat or poultry

Dusting: Sprinkling lightly with flour, sugar, spice of seasoning

Freezing - Solidifying or preserving food by chilling and storing at 0 degree celcius (32 Fahrenheit)

Garnishing - Decorating with portions of colorful and contrasting food

Glaze - A glossy finish given to food by brushing beaten egg, milk, sugar syrup or jelly after cooking.

Grating - Shredding food by rubbing against grater

Grilling - Cooking directly under a flame or heating in an oven

Grinding - Cutting or crushing ingredients into powder / paste

Gravy - 1. Juice exuded by roasted meat and poultry 2. A sauce made from these juices by boiling with stock or wine and sometimes thickened with flour 3. Thick liquid made from adding water to vegetables or masala

Griddle - Flat metal plate used to bake breads and cakes on the top of the stove
Parboiling - Boiling for a short time to cook food partially

Pulp - 1. Soft, fleshy tissue of fruit or vegetables 2. to reduce food to a soft mass by crushing or boiling

Puree - 1. Sieved raw or cooked food 2. Thick, vegetable soup which is passed through a sieve or an electric liquidiser

Saute - To fry food rapidly in shallow, hot fat, tossing and turning it until evenly browned
Simmering - Cooking in liquid which is heated to just below boiling point

Skewer - Metal or wooden pin used to hold meat, poultry or fish in shape during cooking
Stewing - TO simmer food slowly in a covered pan or casserole

Stirring - Mixing with a circular movement, using a spoon or fork

Straining - Separating liquids from solids by passing them through a sieve or through muslin
Syrup - A thick sweet liquid made by boiling sugar with water or fruit juice

Vinegar - A clear liquid, consisting of chiefly acetic acid, obtained by the fermentation of wine, cider or malt beer

Whipping - Beating an ingredient until frothy and thick

Yeast - Fungus cells used to produce alcoholic fermentation or to cause dough to rise.


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