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Indian Curry Recipes

Indian food need never be a once-a-week-restaurant treat again! This section contains a variety of delicious and easy to cook Indian Curry Recipes. Click on any recipe below for ingredients and directions for cooking some yummy Indian Gravy dishes for your family and friends. Hope you enjoy cooking out these Indian Curry Recipes and please let us know how you like them.

Aloo Mutter
Aubergines Spicy Gravy
Banana Stem Curry
Brinjal Curry
Butter Chicken
Butter Paneer
Cabbage Kofta Curry
Cauliflower Curry
Cheese Cones Curry
Chicken Curry with Mushroom
Chicken Curry
Chicken Jalfrezi
Chicken Handi
Chicken In Coconut Milk
Chicken Kurma
Chicken Vindaloo
Chole - Chickpeas Curry
Coconut Prawn Gravy
Cottage Cheese in Pickled Curry
Curried Green Chillies
Crab Curry
Dum Chicken
Egg Khima
Eggplant Podi Curry
Fish Curry
Fish Korma
Garbonzos Potato Curry
Gramflour Dumpling in Tangy Yogurt Curry
Hyderabad Chilli Curry
Indian Chicken Curry
Indian Fish Curry
Indian Meat Curry
Indian Mutton Curry
Kadai Paneer
Kill Molaka Mutton Curry
Lamb Curry
Lamb Shanks Curry
Meat and Chicken Kurma Curry
Malai Kofta Curry
Mixed Vegetables Curry
Muglai Mutton
Mushroom, Capsicum and Cabbage Curry
Mustard Egg Curry
Mutton Chilli Masala
Mutton Curry
Mutton Kolhapuri
Mutton Pasanda
Navaratna Curry
Palak Paneer
Pineapple Gojju
Plantain Curry
Prawn Malaikari
Prawn Masala
Rajma Curry
Shrimp Curry
Spicy Beans Curry
Spicy Chicken Curry
Spicy Peas Potatoes Curry
Stuffed Potatoes in fenugreek and Spinach Curry
Tamilian Kurma
Tikha Baigan Masala
Veg Eggs Curry
Vegetables Korma
Vegetable Lentils Curry
Vegetable Makhanwala

If you have Indian recipes for Curries or any food from India you would like to share, do send to us here.

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