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Indian Sweet Recipes | Indian Dessert Recipes

Indian food has been popular across the world because of its uniqueness and authenticity. Particularly, Indian sweets and desserts are becoming more and more popular because of their fantastic taste. These sweets, which are also known as mithai in India, are made from various ingredients ranging from vegetables to fruits, from grains to milk. Below are some of the famous Indian sweets and desserts that you must try out, whether you are in India or not.

Parwal Ki Mithai is an Indian sweet that is most popular in the area of Bihar. Its outer covering is parwal while its inside is made up of sweets mixed with milk products. Khaja is another mithai popular in Bihar. It dates back from 2000 years ago and is also a dry sweet filled with liquid sweets inside. It easily melts in the mouth when put in it.

Another popular Indian sweet, probably the most popular is the rasgulla. This mithai can be found in almost all art of India. However, this Indian food is most abundant in Orissa, the place where it originated. Rasgulla is made from casein sugar boiled in sugar syrup and set to dry.

Aside from the sweets mentioned above, there are many more mithai that are famous in India and other parts of the world. The next set of Indian sweets that we’ll be mentioning are those made from milk and milk products, something that is unique in the Indian cuisine.

First in the list is the Ras Malai, a sweet that is usually served chilled with various dried fruits. This delicacy resembles a dumpling made from cottage cheese and cardamon. Another dumpling like mithai is the Gulab Jamun which is made from thickened milk soaked in sugar syrup. It got its name from the word Gulab meaning rose from the rose flavored sugar syrup and Jamun meaning blueberry from the dark color of the cooked sweet. Unlike the Ras Malai, this mithai is served at room temperature and is usually eaten with ice cream. Cham Cham, on the other hand, are sweets intended for loved ones and are commonly called Pleasure Boats.

There are also various Indian sweets that can be specifically done according to one’s preference. For instance, Shrikhand, a milk based mithai can be made from full cream yogurt, as well as from low fat yogurt if the person is health conscious. Easy mango Kulfi, another mithai, is so simple that even kids could make it. And because it is simple, less time and money is required for you to eat this delicacy. Last but not the list, we have the Rava Laddoo, an Indian sweet that is easy to cook in the least time needed. It became popular to India not only because of its simplicity and availability, but also because of its tastiness.

Mentioned are just some of the hundreds of sweet varieties that could be found in India. There are a lot more to discover and try. Mithai are part of the life of the Indians and play an important role in the Indian cuisine.

Indian food need never be a once-a-week-restaurant treat again! This section contains a variety of delicious and easy to cook Indian sweets & desserts recipes. Click on any recipe below for ingredients and directions for cooking some yummy Indian dessert & sweet dishes for your family and friends. Hope you enjoy cooking out these Indian sweets & desserts recipes and please let us know how you like them.

Apple, Banana & Carrot Halwa (ABC Halwa)
Atte ka seera
Badam ka seera
Badam Kheer
Badami Kheer
Beetroot Halwa
Besan Burfi
Besan Ladoo
Bombay Masala Tea
Bons Bons
Buttermilk Drink
Carrot Halwa
Cashewnut Barfi
Cheese Balls in Syrup
Cheese Ice Cream
Cheesy Sweet Jamuns
Chickoo Halwa
Cocoa Pudding with Nuts
Coconut Burfi
Coconut Burfee
Coconut Cup Cake
Coconut Laddoo
Dahi Wada
Dal ka seera
Dal Payasam
Indian Coffee
Doodhi Halwa
Double ka Meetha
Dryfruit Halwa
Dryfruit Sweets
Gajar ka Halwa
Gulab Jamoon / Jamun
Indian Beetroot Halwa
Indian Biscuits
Indian Fruit Dip
Indian Vermicelli Pudding
Kaju Barfi
Kaju Bharfi
Kalakand (Milk Burfi)

Khajur Burfi or Rolls
Lavang Latika
Lentil Balls in Yogurt
Malai Ladoo
Mango Icecream
Mango Yogurt Drink
Mango Kulfi
Mango Shrikhand
Mango Topping
Mava Burfi
Milk Thandai
Mitha Khaja
Motichoor Ladoo
Mysore Pak
Nankhatais (Indian cookies)
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Paal Poori
Patisa (Soan Papdi)
Puran Poli
Ras Malai
Rava (Semolina) Ladoo
Rava Laddoo
Saffron Fromage
Saffron Pista Ice-Cream
Sarkarai Pongal
Semolina Cake
Spicy Khaja
Sugary Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Kachori
Sweet Pongal
Sweet Pongal
Sweet Shakarpara (Diamonds)

If you have Indian recipes for sweets and desserts or any food from India you would like to share, do send to us here.

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