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Collections of pictures of appetizingly colorful Indian dishes that will make your mouth water.

Rice and indian-type curry sauce
Rice and indian-type curry sauce with meat and red pepper. Dill and tomatos as garnish.
Indian meal of keema matar, masala channa, lemon rice, naan bread and yoghurt
Indian meal of keema matar, masala channa, lemon rice, naan bread and yoghurt, which is minced lamb with peas, spicy chickpeas, yellow rice, nan bread and yogurt.
Gujerati Pooris
These are Gujerati Pooris - Indian pancakes made from moong dhal and spices, with coconut and tomato chutneys and dhal.
Fish curry flavored with coconut
A health dish is from Goa, on the west cost of India. It is a dish of fish curry, flavoured with coconut, tamarind, chili and spices, with Basmati rice.
Madras butter beef curry
A plate with Madras butter beef curry, plain rice and chopped tomatoes
Indian meal of keema
Indian meal of keema, or minced meat, with salad and Basmati rice.
Indian vegetable curry
Indian vegetable curry with butter beans, sesame, tomato and spices, with naan bread and onion chutney.
Indian spicy chicken koftas
Indian meal of spicy chicken koftas or meatballs, with a mild creamy sauce made from coconut, yoghort, cream and spices.
Indian egg curry with chutney
Simple egg curry with chutney, yoghurt and naan bread. Economical and tasty, just the thing in the cold winter months, when saving up for Christmas.
Aloo gobi curry
Indian popular Aloo gobi curry
South Indian vegetarian dish, sambhar
A South Indian vegetarian dish, sambhar,which is a dhal made from channa dhal, or yellow split peas, mixed vegetables, and spices with coconut and tamarind. Served with Basmati rice and a chutney.



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